Bottle Fed Kitty Experiences First Bath

Bottle Fed Kitty Experiences First Bath
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This little guy loves his first bath. He is orphaned kitty and this is very crucial for his health. He is only few weeks old. Because he is without mom the bath time is very important for him.

If the kitties have moms you should never bath them, because moms do that. In that way the scent of his mom stays on him. She licks the babies and clean them.

But, if kitties are without moms you must bath them. They often poop on themselves and in this way you prevent fungal infections and other diseases.

This kitty had ringworm and this bath was very crucial for his health. Ringworm is a fungal infection. So, you can`t fix ringworm by letting the kitten ” self clean” like normal cats do.

The kitty was sooo lovely with its little meows awww. It just melt my heart.

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