Hungry Sweet Kitty Wiggles Her Tiny Ears While Drinks Milk

Hungry Sweet Kitty Wiggles Her Tiny Ears While Drinks Milk
Written by vlatkopets

This little black fluff ball is probably the cutest thing you will see this day. Just look at her amazing ears, they`re moving while she is drinking the milk. That bottle is almost the same size as this little girl.

I just love black kittens and cats. They remind me of panthers 🙂 They have some problems with adopting from the shelter, because some people think they bring ” bad luck “. How can this little boy brings bad luck.

I would like to adopt all black kittens in the world. They are incredibly cute and wonderful. Every cat brings you only happiness in your home and life.

After stressful working day, I can`t wait to come home and play with my cats. The always put smile on my face, no matter how bad I am feeling.

This little girl is only 2 weeks old and she is eating like big cat. So cute to watch her. You will not regret watching this video. The way she moves her ears awwww. I don`t have words to describe the feeling and emotions.

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