7 Proven Ways To Make Your Indoor Kitty Happier

7 Proven Ways To Make Your Indoor Kitty Happier
Written by vlatkopets

1.Vertical space

It is well-known that kitties simply love their own play area, and if you add a vertical space that will increase their reach and play space. That will make your cats very happy. Get some simple shelves, cat trees or make space on your book shelves and closets for your kitty to keep it busy and happy.

2.Great views

Felines love to watch in the garden, so make sure to give them a perfect view from the window sill.

3.Play with them

Many cats are hyperactive and loves running all around the home, so it is important to play with them as much as you can.

4.Clean the litter box

It is very important keep your kitty`s litter box always clean, as a dirty litter box may make them leave “something” all around the home.

5.Take them outside

Maybe not as much as dogs, kitties still love being outside. If your kitty doesn’t like playing outside often, you should still bring some cat grass and planting trees.

6.Play games with them

Cats 100% love playing all the times and love it when they need to work for treats, so have that in mind when playing with your cute cat.

7.Lots of love

Never ever forget to show love to your cat all the time, or they might become sad.

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