Kittens VS Thugs Staring Contest. Who Will Win?

Kittens VS Thugs Staring Contest. Who Will Win
Written by vlatkopets

First we have to say that this video is only for fun. The people in the video are not real thugs. However, the kittens are real kittens haha. Many of us, played staring contest. You know the rules. What do you think?

Who would win this contest? The “thugs” or these kittens? That head shaking 0:39 .  Funniest thing ever!! This is the funniest kitten video we`ve ever seen. This cute kitten video made my day. You will love this cute and funny challenge.

This is interesting. Please WATCH The video to see the full story:

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What do you think about this kittens vs thugs contest?

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