Hero Cat Protects Family From Angry Bear. Brave Kitty !

Hero Cat Protects Family From Angry Bear. Brave Kitty !
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Hero Cat Protects Family From Angry Bear. Brave Kitty !

Everyone knows that cats are very protective when it comes to their humans. They are very thankful for everything humans do for them. They are part of the family. People care for cats, they give them food, warm place for living.

Some can say that cats don`t have feelings for us, and they needed us only for food , water and home. But, this is so wrong. They can show love and affection all the time. They can cuddle with you, nap in your lap.

Hero Cat Protects Family From Angry Bear. Brave Kitty !

But, sometimes they can protect you if they noticed that your life is in dangerous. We have seen a lot of videos, where they defend their owners from much larger and scarier animals than them. For example, in one of our latest posts we`ve shown that cat protected a kid from angry alligator.

They often protect human babies from babysitters or similar. They are so brave. But, today we have one really brave and hero cat. You have to see the video for yourself. I never believed that cats are not scared when have to protect their human family.

This family was relaxing at their home, when some unexpected guess knocked on their door. They were shocked when they noticed that a wild bear was in front of their door . The door was not locked, and probably a bit open. They were all frightened.

However, they didn`t expected that  their cat would immediately run straight to the scary bear. They were really surprised. The cat was really brave. She attacked the bear and the bear began running. Incredible moment.

We don`t understand the language of the woman in the video, but we can pretty much tell you what she was saying. Get away from that bear. Then when she noticed that the bear meant the cat no harm it was like get him kitty cat.  Just cool. The bear just wanted some food. But, is very important to lock up your waste before another bear comes for your cat instead of the food lying in the trash.

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