Brave Kitty Saves a Kid From BRUTAL Dog Attack. Unbelievable VIDEO !

Brave Kitty Saves Kid From BRUTAL Dog Attack. Unbelievable VIDEO !
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Brave Kitty Saves Kid From BRUTAL Dog Attack. Unbelievable VIDEO !

This is an incredible video taken from home where an angry dog attacks an innocent kid playing in his driveway in front of the house. Moments later his domestic cat rushed to the rescue.

A kid and his mom were in their front yard, playing together and watering the plants. The dog was from the neighbor house and was let out of its backyard enclosure, probably by accident. The angry dog noticed the little kid from across the yard and came behind him.

Brave Kitty Saves Kid From BRUTAL Dog Attack. Unbelievable VIDEO !

The kid never saw the dangerous dog. The brutal dog bit his leg and started pulling the little child. In that time luckily their home cat noticed the dangerous attack. That’s when the home`s cat took action.

She was very brave and immediately attacked the angry dog. She was persistent to save the life of her little human. She wasn`t scared of the dog. Yes, the dog was stronger than the kitty, but that didn`t stop her to defended the little boy.

Cats are very smart and very protective of their owners. Especially, in this case for her little human. She knew she must save the little helpless kid. The kid wouldn`t escape if there wasn`t the cat. This is one hero cat and her owners should be very grateful to have such an amazing and incredible pet.

And yes cats are very smart animals They show love and affection all the time. Some can say that they need us only when they need food. This is so wrong. Just look at the video and you will see how protective they are.

Police officers stated that if this had been their own son, the call response would have been for “Shots fired.” In the end, the boy was lucky. He was hurt and bit by the dog, but luckily the injuries are not life threatening. And he will recover completely.

Watch the brave kitty saves a kid from brutal dog attack VIDEO:

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