These Are the 5 Fattest Cats In The World. I Couldn`t Believe My Eyes

These Are the 5 Fattest Cats In The World. I couldn`t Believe My Eyes
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These Are the 5 Fattest Cats In The World. I couldn`t Believe My Eyes

This is one incredible story and video of the world`s fattest felines. First we have to say that we don`t think that it is healthy to have so much weight. We also disagree with their owner`s decision to let this felines gain so much weight.

The owners should have taken a more attention of the diet of their kitties. These felines are obese and that is not healthy. We know that probably their owners are giving food every time kitty asks. They can meowing all the time for food.

But, you have to put them on strict diet. And give them food only several times per day. Because, they will eat all the time. However, here is the list of the fattest cats in the world. We will write a short description for every kitty in the video.

#1 Katy

A five-year-old Siamese from the Ural mountains, and weighs 23 kilograms (50 pounds) Her owner said that she doesn’t really eat that much. She has a couple of fish in the morning and about 200 grams of meat in the evening.

#2 Tube cat aka “Tulle”

The diabetes-afflicted Tubcat died in 2008 at the age of 13 and was weighting about 43 pounds.

#3 “Mikesch”

This big kitty is coming from Germany, a black and white home kitty who weighed about 41 pounds. His owner, an elderly man who had to move to a nursing home, fed him more than 4 pounds of minced meat every day!

Mikesch was taken away from his owner and was put on a strict diet by the Berlin animal shelter.

#4 Sassy aka “Munchkin”

This kitty got the internet name “Munchkin the Monster Cat”, but his real name is Sassy. When their owners got him he was a little kitten, but after getting fixed he begging getting fat. Vets didn`t find any health problems. He wasn`t over eating. He was on a strict diet for so many years. His weight was 35 – 40 lbs

#5 “Unnamed”

This super fat cat comes from China. He is a 9 years old and his weight is about 33 pounds.

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