Brave Cat Rescued Her 97 Years Old Owner From Pit Bull Attack

Brave Cat Rescued Her 97 Years Old Owner From Pit Bull Attack
Written by vlatkopets

Sophie, 97 yrs old woman, was in her backyard when her neighbors 4 Pit Bulls jumped the fence and surrounded her. The angry dogs circled her, growling, before one pit bull jumped on her and bit her on the arm. She was very scared.


She thought that there is no escape of this dangerous situation. We know that pit bull are very strong and when they bite something their jaw locked and it is a very scary moment for the victim.

In our case, this elderly woman was not able to defended herself from the attack of these 4 dogs. She was shocked and frightened. She didn`t know what to do and how to survive this scary accident. She knew that if she starts running, it will only worsen the situation.

She is old, and slow at running, but pit bulls will catch her in seconds. Probably, all 4 dogs will start biting her. She had only thing to do, to scream.

However, the rescue was near. She wasn`t imagining that her cat will protect her. Well, nobody expected that. Suddenly, from the house came the cat with running. She was very fast, and without much thinking she stands up against the dangerous angry dogs.

The cat jumped in front of her human to rescue her. In that time dogs were confused, but, started running to the cat. Luckily, the cat run away towards the garage and escape the attack of the dogs. That gave an enough time for the old woman to entered the house. Fortunately, both survived this very scary accident.

This happy ending story shows how loyal and protective cats can be. Cats are very smart, we should love them with all of our hearts. “It’s not the size of the cat in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the cat.”

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