Chimpanzee Adopts ” Ugly” Kitten, Rejected By Zoo Employees

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This is very touching moment when a chimpanzee a kitten are  is best friends.


This was caught on camera at the Irkutsk city zoo in Russia, Lea the young chimpanzee plays with this poor kitty that no one wanted, and she welcomed it in her place after it was spotted in the zoo.

Chimpanzee Adopts " Ugly" Kitten, Rejected By Zoo Employees

This little kitten is only one and a half month old and was noticed in one part of the zoo.

It was very hard to find him a home because zoo employees thought its very short tail gave it a bizarre look.

They have recently found that Bobby is probably a purebred American bobtail, an unusual and known breed which has a tail about one-third the length of a normal home cat.

Staff at the zoo decided to keep the little buddy, but to separate him from other animals and put it in quarantine to not scaring other animals.

Chimpanzee Adopts " Ugly" Kitten, Rejected By Zoo Employees

Lea the five years old chimp, noticed the little kitty when she was walking around the zoo with one of her keepers.

Lydmila Ivushkina, the head of the zoo, announced: ‘She spotted the kitten through the glass window and couldn`t stop looking at him.

‘She was very dedicated to stay to the window, and didn`t want to leave the little buddy’

The chimp and the kitty finally met several days after Bobby’s quarantine period finished.

Chimpanzee Adopts " Ugly" Kitten, Rejected By Zoo Employees

Lydmila announced: ‘She was so overjoyed to see it. The kitty was even happier because now it has a best friend and is not alone.’

They caught the heartwarming moment on video, with Lea holding the little kitty in her arms, remaining calm while Bobby playfully nips at her.

When the staff realized the kitten and chimp really like each other, employees  decided to let the kitty stay in the cage with Lea.

But they’re taking preventive measure to make sure the kitten is always safe.

Lydmila said: ‘ We are planning to make one special little cage as part of the chimp cage and connect them with small hole between the cages so Bobby could have some personal space in case Lea gets over excited.’

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