This Cat Answers Phone Call. Unbelievable Video !

This Cat Answers Phone Call. Unbelievable Video !
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This Cat Answers Phone Call. Unbelievable Video !

This guy was wondering why he kept finding the phone in his office of the hook when he came home. So he decided to put hidden camera to see what is going on, when he is not there. Now he only has to wait and to see.

He wasn`t sure, how can anyone touch his phone when he is not there. Plus , he was totally sure that he didn`t forget the phone like that. Also his friends told him, that he actually answered the phone, but he was not talking.

This Cat Answers  Phone Call. Unbelievable Video !

They were asking him, why is he doing that. But, his response was simple, he wasn`t touching the phone. He also explained to them that he noticed some strange thing about the phone. And when he set up the camera and was waiting.

When he came home he noticed that the phone was out of the hook. He immediately rushed to watch the video. And when he saw the video he was shocked. He never believed that his cat, can touch the video.

You can clearly see that when the cat heard the ringing of the phone she immediately jumped into action. Probably, she didn`t like the sound of the phone ringing , who knows. And she even answered the call.

Well, she just grab the phone headset, and didn`t even meow.  So you’ll finally stop ringing, you scary thing. I just love how it just walks away. like to say “my work is done here”.  Cat is like : The number you dialed is currently unavailable, please try again, have a catastic day!

Cats like, “ok.. my human usually picks this up… and then pizza comes in 20 minute.” This video shows how smart cats are. And they are fascinating animals !

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