Fluffy Kitty Catching Snowballs With Her Paws. Amazing Cat !

Fluffy Kitty Catching Snowballs With Her Paws. Amazing Cat !
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Fluffy Kitty Catching Snowballs With Her Paws.  Amazing Cat !

This kitty really loves winter. Well, to be more precise she more loves the snow. She couldn`t wait for the first snow. And then the real fun comes. Playing in the snow is her favorite activity. She is the happiest cat in the world when her owner let her outside.

This cat is called Nala, she is 6 years old, Norwegian Forest Cat / Maine Coon mix living in the cold Norway. Luckily, she is living in a place where snow is a normal thing. So, she can enjoy her favorite playing activity very often.

Fluffy Kitty Catching Snowballs With Her Paws.  Amazing Cat !

She is neutered. She is 5 kgs in the video, which is fine but shouldn’t gain more. Her owners want her closer to 4 and they are working on it. That said: Much of what people think is fat, is fluff, which is typical for Maine Coons/ Norwegian Forest Cat. Being neutered/operated gave her a loose belly though, giving her a more round shape. This also normal process after neutering. The most important thing is that she is in perfect health.

Probably she is get used to snow since young age. If you watch the video you can see the happiness on her face. When her owner let her out, she is jumping of happiness. We are so happy to see a playful cat. And she wants to play with her human.

That is the most interesting. To share the happiness with someone else. In the video she is acting like a real dog. When her human throw the snowball she jumps to catch it. Well, in fact she destroy. When her owner throw the snow away she is running straight to it.

When her human opened the door, she said something that sounded like “Thanks!”. The image of her head looking in the window from outside framed by those small white marshmallow paws just about stopped my heart 🙂

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