Sweet Bengal Kitty Fascinated With Hand. Cute Video !

Sweet Bengal Kitty Fascinated With Hand. Cute Video !
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Sweet Bengal Kitty Fascinated With Hand. Cute Video !

This cute Bengal kitty is called Mugen. This video was taken at the breeder’s before Mugen was ready to be separated from his mom and his brother (the black Bengal kitty in the bowl). This room was setup as a temporary play room and so got a little dirty from time to time from water and food pellets. The dark spot on the floor is not a roach 🙂

The black Bengal kitty also had rosettes and spots, but it was only visible under certain lighting when his silver undercoat would give you hints of his Bengal blood. Bengal kittens are one of the best. They are not lazy , and would never stay at one place. They are very active kitties.

Sweet Bengal Kitty Fascinated With Hand. Cute Video !

it`s like the person takes the attention from the Bengal kitty, while the black one eats it all. The black kitten was eating , and didn`t pay so much attention to the human. He just wanted to it. That`s it. But , the other kitten was very playful.

She was fascinated by the hand of the human. The kitten is like : Wow, five fingers, each one independent from the other and the opposable thumb – cool. Way better than my stubby paws. Let me play with them human. They are so interesting.

I love how she tries out shaking her hand in the beginning. She is so cute. However, the black kitten is eating like there is no tomorrow. I laugh at the small black kitty going for it in a big way, actually standing in the bowl. No time to explain – dive on the food!

You have to see this video for yourself. You will love it. I can`t stop watching cute kittens videos.

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