Monkeys Break Up Cat Fight. Incredible Video !

Monkeys Break Up Cat Fight. Incredible Video !
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Monkeys Break Up Cat Fight. Incredible Video !

A several  monkeys were  sitting aside and watching two cats fighting. But, when it gets too violent, they break up the fight action. This was caught on camera in Ban Dong Mouang, Laos at a place called Monkey Forest.

This is one very strange situation. Well this place is a home for monkeys. They are everywhere. That is why is called monkey forest. This place is ruled by monkeys. In fact they set the rules for everyone in this place.

Yes there are other species here , but the monkey is the boss. However, you can notice a lot of cat in this area. They are stray cats and are often in interaction with the monkeys. However, cats are cats. They will argue with any one for any reason.

Monkeys Break Up Cat Fight. Incredible Video !

For example they can argue for food or similar. One day the crows of monkeys were just relaxing on the grass, when they noticed two angry cats arguing.  They were observing the situation. They just let the cats arguing. They were watching them from aside.

But, in the same time they were curious about cats communications. However, this simple arguing all of sudden became angry fight between 2 cats. Monkeys won`t let anyone to disturb the peace in this place.

Monkeys immediately jump into action. Then needed to stop this fight. It was like the monkey on the far left knew the white kitty was injured and could no longer defend itself. Good monkey police. Yes they were like a real police.

They were observing the situation and hoping that everything with end peacefully. But, when the arguing escalated into fight, they had to prevent it from further violence and to keep the peace in this place.

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