Eagle Stole Cat`s Food. The Cat Was Very Confused !

Eagle Stole Cat`s Food. The Cat Was Very Confused !
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Eagle Stole Cat`s Food. The Cat Was Very Confused !

This is one incredible moment of meeting a cat and eagle. This eagle was probably hungry and landed on this family back yard. Probably, the eagle noticed the food from above. We know that they have excellent sight.

They can noticed a food even from very high distance. And they are perfect hunter. However, in this time it was the meal time for this domestic kitty. And she loves to eat outside. She is very free kitty and don`t want to stay inside.

Eagle Stole Cat`s Food. The Cat Was Very Confused !

So, she also won`t eat inside the house. She loves to play outside. His human thought this would be an ordinary day for feeding his kitty. But, he wouldn`t even imagine what could happened that day. This day was very interesting.

When it was time for feeding his kitty, something interesting happened. The cat was ready to enjoy her delicious meal time, when all of sudden uninvited guest appeared in their garden.  And right after landing the eagle began eating the fish.

He didn`t care that this food was for the fish. But, you know it is better the share the food. However, the kitty was not thinking the same. She was shocked of this uninvited guest. And it is a well-known fact, that cats don`t want to share their food.

In no case, the kitty would anyone eat her food. Not even a little. And when she noticed the eagle she decided to go straight to him. Well, that was a very slow walk. She was thinking to grab her food back. But, as he was closing to the eagle she probably changed her mind.

She looked at her owner and was clearly confusing. In that moment she decided it is not worth to have a fight for fish. She knew her human will give her more fishes.

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