Little Black Kitty`s First Bath. Adorable Moment !

Little Black Kitty`s First Bath. Adorable Moment !
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Little Black Kitty`s First Bath. Adorable Moment !

This black kitty called Cole was luckily rescued by friend of these kind people.  They noticed this little buddy at a busy intersection one evening in Florida. But, they couldn’t find his mom or any siblings nearby after trying for some time, so they decided to take him home.

Then they gave this little black buddy to their friends. The kitten was probably 5 or 6 weeks old.  He was all COVERED in fleas as you can see when they are bathing him the blood was just dripping off of his  little body and the next day they found out that he was anemic because of this.

Little Black Kitty`s First Bath. Adorable Moment !

At first they thought that this little black kitten was female, but after they realized that in fact is male 🙂

They had to bathe this little buddy to prevent further infection and diseases. We know that cats don`t like water and bathing , but this was for his own good. This kitten was so lucky to be rescued. Now he can enjoyed her happy and safe life.

He has a nice forever home, and kind people to take care of her. The first meows Cole made in the video just hurts my heart. It was the scared meows. Poor thing I just want to hold him and say everything is all right.

They look so skinny when they get wet! And then they get dry and they’re all fluffy again. And they are the cutest. And black cats can only bring luck.

This kitty now is living a happy life , in his forever home. His human family cares for him all the time. You have to see the video for yourself. It is just heartwarming. You will love it.

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