” Pet Lover ” Turns Out To be a Cruel Cat Murderer who Killed 100 Cats Per Day

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‘Pet Lover’ Turns Out To be a Cruel Cat Murderer who Killed 100 Cats Per Day

A “pet lover” from China continuously murdered more than 100 felines every night at a slaughterhouse 15 miles from his house, to sell on to food traders as “rabbit meat”.

Neighbors thought that Huang Pingfu was a kind animal lover who loved his more than 25 high-breed cats and he was keeping in house with air-conditioning during hot summer days. However his double life as an everyday cat killer was disclosed when police received a warning from animal rights supporters.

'Pet Lover' Turns Out To be a Cruel Cat Murderer who Killed 100 Cats Per Day

Animal Rescue Center noticed that something was wrong when Mr Huang joined an online chat group for pet lovers, and asked everyone to give him stray felines “to adopt”.

The merchant from one city in south China, told that he loved eating cat no matter cold or hot, with some nice sauce,  onions and vegetables, made more than 50,000 dollars per year selling cat meat to restaurants by telling them it was rabbit.

Animal protection promoters strongly convicted this evil man actions and urged for bigger attempts by Chinese authorities to protect home animals.

“No creature should face the brutality and horrible conditions of being locked into small cages or be cruelly murdered for meat, as these accusations show,” a spokesperson for World Animal Protection told The Independent.

“The government have to stop this unpleasant situation happening. There is an increasing global outrage about the eating of dog meat. Dogs and Cats are home animals and they have to be protected from such barbaric acts.”

Horrible photos of the raid were post by local TV station, with only 47 felines found alive in metal cages.

Mounds of cat carcasses were also recovered by police and some cats were found floating dead in the pools used to drown them.

Others were still inside a spinning machine used to strip them of their fur.

“After you cut off their heads and chop them into small pieces , no one can tell” if the meat is cat or rabbit, he said.

A Hong Kong police fined a mainland Chinese couple after they prepared a cat to feed to their dog.

“This is probably the main difference between Hong Kong and the mainland,” said Kelly Shui.

“We respect our dogs and cats. Animals in Hong Kong are highly protected. They are friends of people,” she said.

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