Big Dog Is Really Afraid Of Tiny Kitten. Must Watch. LOL

Big Dog Is Really Afraid Of Tiny Kitten. Must Watch
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Big Dog Is Really Afraid Of Tiny Kitten. Must Watch

We know that everybody thinks that cats are afraid of dogs. That is probably not true. Apparently, they think that dogs are bigger than cats and that is the reason for this not so true fact. In fact, cats and dogs are often friends.

Especially if they are home pets. They play all the time, sleep together , care for each other. If you own both cat and dog in your home , you know that this is true. They just want to spend time together. They also warm each other when they are sleeping.

Is there anything better to have a fluffy pillow , I mean fluffy buddy when you nap ? It is so cute to watch them sleeping together and playing. They are best buddies.

However, as we said before , there is huge false belief that cats are afraid of dogs. If you watch this video for yourself you can see the opposite.

These humans decided to have a little kitten as new pet – I mean new family owner. And the moment of introducing the new family member to the old family member – dog was not as they expected. They were worried how the dog will accept the new little kitten.

But, they weren`t expecting what happens next. The big dog was frightened when he noticed the kitten for the first time. Who would ever thought that this big guy can be afraid of this little fluff ball. Just look at his face. In the same time he is confused of this new pet.

However, this was the first day of their introducing. The dog accept the new family member very well. They are new best friends now. They just can`t be separated. They spend all day together playing and cuddling.

WATCH the video of big dog scared of little kitten :

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