Police Officers Use Leftover Burrito to Save Kitty Trapped in Drain Pipe

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Police Officers  Use Leftover Burrito to Save Kitty Trapped in Drain Pipe

This little kitty was saved after being stuck inside a drain pipe, thanks to two kind California police officers with a help of leftover burrito.

Cops from the Parlier Police Department came to the scene when they noticed  a hungry kitten, desperately meowing from inside the drain pipe.


Fortunately, the police officers were dedicated to rescue the kitten, and wasn`t problem for them to get a bit dirty and a little creative.

Using a leftover of burrito, the two cops succeed to rescue and to put the kitten on safe place.

Parlier Officers Corona and Jimenez rescue a hungry kitten that had been trapped in a drain pipe.The Officers worked together, came up with perfect plan, got a bit dirty and put the kitty to safe place with a leftover burrito.

kitten in drain pipe

The kitty is now safe in the custody of Parlier Animal Control. Cop Corona hopes to adopt the kitty and name it Burrito.

What an amazing rescue story. The hungry kitten was rescued from a dangerous drain pipe. And the kitty now has a warm forever home.

Video of the rescuing kitten trapped in drain pipe:

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source: aol.com

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