Poor Cat Shot In Colorado Springs, Police Is Investigating The Case

Poor Cat Shot In Colorado Springs, Police Is Investigating The Case
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This amazing cat luckily survive terrible incident. The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region’s animal control officers are trying to find the evil person who shot a feline with a pellet gun.

This unpleasant incident happened several days ago on West Pikes Peak, close to Chestnut west of the municipality Colorado Springs.

Poor Cat Shot In Colorado Springs, Police Is Investigating The Case

“This made us all feeling unsecured and frightened ,” Wolf Best said.

4-year-old Wolf spotted that something was  very wrong with the family feline, named Doctor Girlfriend.

“She looked terrible and  I thought she was going to die,” Best said.

The family when realized that , immediately took her to Animal Emergency Care Centers, without realizing what is going on with the cat.

Doctors did medical procedures and discovered the pellet had punctured her windpipe and her lungs were failing down.


She’s been in the ICU since.

“On Sunday morning at the church  I was praying for her but, also I was thinking I have to let her go. The cost was already $2,600 . I went to the hospital to see her after church and she noticed me and heard my voice she instantly stand up and went to the corner of the cage. This feline is still here, she’s still alive and she’s still full of happiness and love and she really likes to be here so we did it,” Fae Amrhein Best said.

Fae is really hoping that someone will give information about the incident and to find the evil person.

For now, they’re all just pleased their cat is safe.

“She’s an amazing cat. She’s alive,” Fae Amrhein Best said.

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The family wants to thank the community for their donations, support and prayers.  The cat`s medical expenses are up to almost 8,000 dollars.

They made a Gofundme page, if you’d like to help click here

If you have any information about this unpleasant incident call El Paso Coutny Animal Law Enforcement at 719-473-1741 and refer to case #A16-25705 or Crimestoppers at 634-STOP to remain anonymous.

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