Couple Stole Little Kitty From Shelter

Couple Stole Little Kitty From Shelter
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A woman and a man, stole a little kitty that should have been adopted  from the Ipswich Animal Shelter on Fowlers Lane.

The Ipswich Humane Group was planning to give the kitty to the person who asked to adopt her in the first place.

Everyone with information where is the little kitty should call 978-356-6652 or the Ipswich Police Department at 978-356-4343 or just brought the kitty with “no questions asked” at the SRH Veterinary Hospital, 295 High St.

Couple Stole Little Kitty From Shelter

“The person who came to adopt her is very sad,” Nora Clark, president of the Ipswich Humane Group, told us.

The kitty robbers posed as shelter volunteers who were adopting the kitty whom real volunteers named  Lil’ Hitch — Because there are a lot of volunteers and not everyone knows each other very well .

The little buddy got the name by hiding in the engine of a family car when the family was visiting in Connecticut.

Lil’ Hitch was hiding in the car engine  part for the whole travel time from Connecticut back home to Ipswich.

When the family noticed the little kitty, they brought her to the animal shelter.

Lil’ Hitch was  only five weeks old when she arrived at the shelter and nowadays is 11 weeks old.

This  Ipswich Animal Shelter with strict policy of not killing the cats has common full-grown felines, but kitties are very rare in the shelter.

“Recently we’ve had kitties more than typical,” Clark told us. “But when someone decided instantly to adopt one, they apparently don`t want other kitty right away.”

We are not sure why someone would even think to steal a kitten from shelter. At first place, shelter already found human that wanted to adopt the kitten. Documents were ready, and the new owner only needed to came for the kitten. But, some couple stole the kitten.

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