Bunny – The Tiny Kitty Asks You For Love and Attention

Bunny- The Tiny Kitty Asks You For Love and Attention
Written by vlatkopets

WOODBRIDGE TOWNSHIP — This little buddy is a female kitty in the care of Holisticat Rescue.

Her mother is a domestic cat and had a big litter and unfortunately Bunny was the runt of the litter. Her mom doesn`t want to care for this kitten. This family already have cat and kittens and could not give the best care for this little fluff ball and decided to put her on adoption.

Bunny- The Tiny Kitty Asks You For Love and Attention

We know that runt kittens have a not so bright future if they are not adopted on time. From the first moment they don`t know for mom`s love and care. So , we humans should take care of them. They are also little innocent creatures that want love.

This cute kitten according to by staff is a “very social” kitty who always requires  love and attention. She makes a friend with  other cats and puppies is FIV/FeLV negative, spayed and got all vaccines.

If you need further information on Bunny, just email or visit their website The Woodbridge Township is a nonprofit group that provides foster homes for homeless cats and provide help for trap-neuter-release programs and in this moment is caring for more than 60 cats and kitties.

This little buddy deserves a new safe and forever home. She only wants to feel saved and cared. And for sure will return with love and a lot of cuddles.

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