A Family’s Last Good Bye To The 20 Year Old Cat They Adopted Two Years Ago

A Family’s Last Good Bye To The 20-year-old Cat They Adopted Two Years Ago
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Never is too late to adopt a cat , one family from Utah adopted a feline at age 20.

They had only two happy years with their new cat , but it’s obvious from a video that they had an amazing bond.

“The best feline in the world passed away,” says in the video, which now has more than 80,000 views. “We will never forget the happiness and love this cat gave to our family in short time with us. Rest in peace, Dexter.”

A Family’s Last Good Bye To The 20-year-old Cat They Adopted Two Years Ago

As an elder cat at 20 years, Dexter was rescued from a dangerous situation and he got his new forever home in 2014, after one of their kids asked for a kitten (“I mean, REALLY wanted a feline. I think it’s safe to say they both win,” a video caption says).

“You probably think that an elder cat with several health issues would just like to be left alone,” says a video caption. “But Dexter desired intensely an attention. His favorite family members were the kids : Harry 7 years old and JJ 5 years old.”

Cats usually had issues to adapt to new home and new humans , but this is not case for Dexter. He adapted very well to his new home. “He was living in a home with about 100 other feline, most in awful condition and having health issues from malnutrition and poor health ,” Williams said. “I think he was the luckiest cat in the world in the moment we adopted him :)”

In all of the videos of this cat, he really looks blissfully overjoyed and peaceful in his new safe home, whether it’s playing with JJ.

,The message here in this amazing story is very clear. “It’s never too late to save a life,” Williams writes. “There is large number of wonderful animals waiting to find their permanent and safe home in shelters across the state.”

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