Kitten Found Colored In With Green and Blue Permanent Markers Nursed Back To Black And White

smurf and shrek
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Two five-week-old poor kitties now called Smurf and Shrek by a rescue team after they were found colored green and blue with permanent marker.

The kittens born black-and-white were found with all of their white area colored in blue and green and were taken to Bradford Cat Watch Rescue by the West Yorkshire Police.

smurf and shrek

“This is a horrible act of cruelty, and who knows what could happened if they were not found in the last moment,” charity staff Katie Jane Lloyd told BBC.

The Bradford Cat Watch Rescue contacted vet center for help to give them information  how to properly clean Smurf and Shrek, according to BBC.

smurf and shrek

The kitties got nice warm bath ( not oven once) , but the green and blue ink stays embedded in their fur.

Lloyd posted several updates about the kittens and latest said the kitties were doing “very well.’

“We have been taking care of these little buddies for the last 36 hours and they are now much brighter… in personality,” she wrote on Tuesday. “The color is luckily fading and in this moment they are taking their feeds well.”

smurf and shrek


The kittens now are doing very well. The color of the permanent markers is almost removed completely. There are no real health threats and they will be going into foster care for the happy future with one of the volunteers.

smurf and shrek

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