Stray Kitty Feels Loved for the First Time

Stray Kitty Feels Loved for the First Time
Written by vlatkopets

When this very little scared stray kitty felt  touch for the very first time, you can clearly see the emotional change in her. She felt loved for the first time and she asked for more and more.

Stray Kitty Feels Loved for the First Time

It was a raining, and windy that day at 2am in the morning in Japan. A kind man heard meows coming straight from the parking garage on the level below. He immediately went there to found the place of the meowing. When he noticed a little calico kitty behind a motorbike, he get down on his knees to reach her level and tried to soothe the very scared tiny kitty.

When the kitty noticed the guy, she started spitting and hissing at him. She was so scared and growling at him to back off.

Stray Kitty Feels Loved for the First Time

The man decided to comfort the kitty and to gain trust. He began to meow in a soft tone and even tried to imitate the sounds pigeons make. Instantly, the kitty seemed to calm down from all the hissing.

When the kitty had finally calmed down, the man put his hand near her, hoping she would let him pet her. In that moment the most heartwarming thing you can imagine happened… The little wonderful kitten turned to the side, giving permission for loving and petting.

Stray Kitty Feels Loved for the First Time

Once the petting began, she just couldn`t get enough of the cuddling and went in her rescuer’s arms for the biggest hugs in her life!

A little love can make a biggest change. He decided to adopt her. This kitten now has a save and forever place to live happily. She has a man to take care of her all the time. That place with one word is known as HOME.

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