Watch This Bengal Cat Meets OVER 50 Dogs. Just INCREDIBLE

cat meets dog
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Boomer the cat is a trained Bengal cat that really loves dogs. You know that this breed is not for everybody. They don`t want cuddling and in fact are not lap cat. They also meow louder than other species.

However, the owner of this cat trained him very well since he was a little kitten. He is known for his tricks. You can see other videos of him. He is one special cat.

His human decided to take him for one life adventure. ( Because, he is very active and curios cat) He took him to a dog show?! Yes, we know that it is shocking at first. We also thought the same. What one cat looking at cat show? But, after watching the video we were speechless.

The most interesting and obvious fact is that this Bengal cat really love dogs. You have to watch the video to see his interaction with the ” confused” dogs. Many dogs were just curios. What this cat looking here. Can`t cat see that we are dogs.

But, It seems they also are interested in the cat. Many of them were so happy to see it, and some even jump from happiness. Nose touch was the cutest thing. Almost every dog interacted with the feline.

The love doesn`t know for boundaries between different species. We humans should learn more from animals.

Watch The Cat Meeting Dogs Video:

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