Evil People Burned The Face Of This Cat With Acid. She Still Loves Humans

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This cat is named Sir Thomas Trueheart and he was living the life of a stray, non wanted feline in the dangerous desert of California. Some kind humans were feeding Sir Thomas, but this feline didn`t have a place to call his home.

This cat is loving humans a lot and this can almost cost him his life. An evil person or humans purposely poured an acid on Tommy’s face, plainly burning half of its body including his right eye.

acid cat

He was struggling for weeks in pain and luckily found the  people’s house who were feeding him. They instantly brought him to a vet who refused to take a proper care of him and asked them to bring Tommy home with only some antibiotics. When they did some medical examination and discovered out he was FIV+, they wanted to murder him.

acid cat

The humans who saved Tommy reached out to Milo’s Sanctuary on social media and Milo’s instantly went into action, and with the woman who had saved him rushed to the vet. Thomas was at the vet center for more than a month on pain killers, antibiotics, and sugar bandages to help the cure the injuries and granulate.

acid cat

After that they brought him to a surgical doctor who did an incredible job with a skin graft. Even all he went through, he was very strong and purred and cuddle the humans taking care of him. After his skin replacement , Tommy spent more time in the animal hospital.

In the end, Tommy was ready to go to his Lifetime Care Foster home where he continues to recover and get lots of attention and love.

acid cat

This is one really happy ending story. Thomas doesn`t lose the faith in people.

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