There Is Something UNIQUE About This Cat`s EARS. WOW! My Jaw Just Dropped!

4 ears cat
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Only several hours after being put up for adoption at the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society this special black cat found a permanent and warm home.

The adoption itself was special because, according to the humane society’s relation manager, black cats unfortunately statistically  waiting for adoption much more time at the shelter.

What’s even more unusual is the cat himself. This is Batman, the black cat born with four ears. Yes, you read correct, four eyes. He is very friendly and loves belly rubs.

According to specialist three-year-old Batman’s rare ear count is probably from the recessive gene mutation from his parents who were born with four ears.

Batman had been unavailable for a several weeks because he was on special care for an upper respiratory infection, which is not related in any case with his four ears.

The humane society announced that they help to more than 7,500 homeless stray pets each year and Batman is one of their recent triumph stories, after being adopted by a little girl and her mom.

It totally makes sense, because the young girl loves superheroes.

The adoption center says that Batman “would do very well in a home with or without pets  because he came from a home with few pets.” Possibly it’s time to get him a human assistant to care for him!

This very rare gene mutation first has been discovered in 1938 in Ashtabula, Ohio, with a four eared cat called Toots. The mutation has been studied and is confirmed to be a recessive genetic mutation needed from both parents to be passed on to the children.

We hope he will enjoy his new forever home and his human parents will take a good care of him, because he really deserves it.

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source: AOL

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